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 In 2007, Maxwell von Donius arrived at Scarlet Oaks. He became our now herd stallion and sire to numerous Georgian Grande, Friesian and Friesian Sport Horse foals. As a 4 year old in the fall of 2008, Maxwell attended the FPZV Friesian Inspection at Lea Ness Equestrian Farm in North Carolina. He achieved Star status and was recommended to the Stallion Performance Testing by the FPZV Judges. This was an important part of our breeding program; to confirm that Maxwell was not only exceptional to us, but to those that evaluate the Friesian breed as well. Opting out of the Stallion Testing, we have used Maxwell primarily as a Sport Horse sire until the last few years when we have added our own purebred mares to our breeding program. Maxwell has produced extremely well with our selected mares, in addition to siring foals for admiring clients! He is available for crossbreeding as well as to purebred mares and all offspring are eligible for registration. Maxwell has clean x-rays free of OCD. Inspection scores are available upon request.



Thank you for your consideration; please feel free to contact us for 2020 breeding availability.

Mare Care: $15.00/day, $20.00/with foal.

Please email for contract.


        Maxwell von Donius

              2004 FPZV Star Friesian Stallion         

                                Donius W  x Hilda Z Ster